Custom Web Site Design Pricing

The overall price of a custom designed website actually depends on the number of pages developed. Per page pricing begins at $35.00 per page. Most sites generally have at least five pages, depending on the type of business and customers that is being targeted.

Why no package deals?

Cowboy Way Design does not list package deals because each site is unique in nature and can include as few as 3 pages to upwards of 50 for e-commerce businesses. Many web designers offer package deals ranging from $400 to $2000. Many times these package deals exceed what the customer really needs. Why would you want to pay $500 for a 5-page website when you can have one designed for approximately half that?

Domain Name Registration

Cowboy Way Design can register your domain name for any length of time that you wish. Just let us know what name you wish to register or we can recommend some names for your domain.

Web Hosting

Cowboy Way Design can contract web hosting for your new site. However, many internet service providers (ISP) already allocate web space on their servers for their subscribers. You may already be paying for space on internet for your website. Just contact your ISP (AOL, EV1, Earthlink, etc.) to find out.